there is something behind the curtains
This track brings up big warm feelings of familial love and comfort, lolling along, lying on the grass, staring lazily towards the blue sky, playing with little kids, eating ice cream, that sort of thing. It starts with a sample of Martin with his wife and kid, playing charades, setting the stage pefectly for the tasty little bit of heaven that follows. A strange vocal-synth-thing speaks loving vibrations into your ear. "It's all good", she says. Listening to this track, I have to agree. Four words: perfect summer love nugget.
  3.92 mb
all the little things
somewhat 'santana' sounding but with a bit of electronic thrown in. the vocal is actually minusbaby's grandmother, one maria jacinta torres which he sampled and sent to me as an mp3. the drums are very 'live' sounding and the keyboard solo is actually me playing live. have a listen, its really quite good.
  4.97 mb
make it right
after a long dry spell and after purchasing some nice new mackie gear (heh heh) i was blasted by inspiration and wrote this track pretty much overnight. it features a nice little melody based around a simple guitar riff. also features me on piano and slide guitar. a nice song.
  3.48 mb
brother and sister
i started to write this track after watching the tragedy that occurred on the 11 of sept in new york city.
  4.76 mb
on a day off
this track is quite old, i originally wrote it for the guitar, but , i think it suits the keyboards better now. even tho, there is some nice guitar in it anyway. it's a strange little number, strange melodies and rythms.
  4.94 mb
blink, and i am gone
this is a nice dreamy, floaty type track with some nice vocal fx (by yours truly) and piano melodies. definatly worth checkin out.
  5.33 mb
baby dreams
i wrote the melody to this guitar based track a few years ago, but never got 'round to finishing it. it is a combination of electronic/funk/blues and jazz. i put this down as one of my favourites.
  4.00 mb
i wrote this track early last year but i was never happy with the quality of it and always wanted to put a bit more 'oomph' in it. well, i think i have succeeded
  4.51 mb
this track started out as a slide riff on my guitar , it matured into a combination of slide guitar with electronic accompaniment to keep the momentum going
  4.12 mb
a combination of dark piano, a spunky bass line along with some snappy guitar work. the speaking at the beginning and end is me whisipering a few lines written by minusbaby.
  4.60 mb
ok, stop the bullshit. the mutha of all songs is finally here. introducing lollypop, i think, one of my best trax to date. "sitty bouncey dance" as it is described, and it certainly is . fun and energetic track, get it now. features me on guitar and on this version, my son dylan.
  3.05 mb
stories without voices
spacey and vast. this track is by no means boring. some nice synth melodies and piano chords. nothing is too complicated, but then, thats just me.
  4.24 mb
this track was a struggle. i couldnt get it finished, no inspiration. but, i think it was worth it in the end. the mood of the track reflects how i have been feeling for the last couple of weeks.
  3.65 mb
one of my favourites and definitely different for me. features some sampled voices from the movie 12 monkeys.
  2.88 mb
womb dream
this piece starts off with a slow intro, defining the theme almost straight away. it picks up then with some cool drumbeats and slippery bass.
  5.84 mb
heaven is shakin
and now for something, completely different. what was i thinking when i wrote this? u dont wan't to know. needless to say, its a mish mash of d&b with a touch of hip- hop.
  3.14 mb
rathamon the departure
the sequel to rathamon. a bit more of a trance tune and a bit happier than the original.."fun and intelligent trance with a twist." (linc :)
  3.69 mb
dark piano chords set the mood for this piece. synthy appregios and funky drumming take up the rear. a hard one to put a style on as the melody goes from being a little dark, to being optimistic/happy. just like me :)
  4.15 mb
a little tune i composed for my boy, dylan. a bit of a fun tune.
  2.93 mb
i wrote this tune with the idea of taking the listener to a futuristic place, now, i don't know if i succeeded, you tell me...
  3.78 mb
song six from my century album. i dedicate this one to all the boys at metem.
  3.80 mb
the calling (dream mix)
this tune is hard to describe. it starts off straight forward enough, and mid way it blasts into a futuristic onslaught of appregios and vocoded voice synthesis. snazzy.
  4.04 mb
yet another dancey tune. this one contains a little riff that i wrote on the amiga years ago. it's cool and very melodic. i think it is very catchy.
  3.17 mb
this piece features some sampled guitar, nothing fancy, just a little riff that was going through my head. the melody itself is nice and a bit dark.
  2.36 mb
this tune was originally composed by eyeoh. i loved the melody and wanted to do my own version of his masterpiece, and here it is. it is a good piece in my opinion but i have to give credit to the cool melody which literally keeps the whole thing together.
  3.34 mb
this is a sequel to the probe . its a kinda dance/trance number. have a listen. maybe at some stage i will mix the two of them into one track...hmmmm
  4.32 mb
funk space 2000
this tune was originally written on the amiga. it was always a favourite as the lead melody is very catchy.
  3.76 mb
funkspace2000 (mike yates mix)
mike 'the kid' yates has done a great remix of my sp2000. he has turned it into a kinda house meets dance/trance remix.
  4.54 mb
hoping to complete a whole album of music written using orion. this is song 5, so far so good.
  4.42 mb
this tune is one of those once off's that when you are writing it, you know you can't stop until it's complete. i cant say anything bad about it.
  5.28 mb
tear drop
i like this dammit. not too complicated, just flows along nice enough to keep the listener interested.
  3.27 mb
as i was writing this piece, i was trying to make it sound like a fantastic journey to another planet, i am still here though :(
  3.20 mb
the probe
this was my first attempt at a decent dance tune and it turned out quite well. has a kind of celtic feel to it.
  3.60 mb
another one of my favourites, a nine minute tune of epic proportions.
  7.89 mb
this is the amiga version.lots of great little melodies throughout this tune. maybe i will get a chance to remix it.
  8.82 mb
the knowledge tree
i wrote this tune about a year ago on my acoustic. its a slow number and has a nice feel to it. i recorded this straight into the pc and added some effects with cool edit pro.
  2.05 mb
the knowledge tree (eye oh edit)
this is the knowledge tree with a touch of eyeoh. eyeoh asked me if he could put some keyboards over my acoustic guitar and this is what he came up with. it ads a haunting feel to the tune and in my opinion he did an excellent job.
  2.07 mb