sambig Samuel Gilbert & girlfriend Melissa Green. Last seen taking "little sleep" after drinking tequila at Adelaide Oval, South Australia. Click for clearer image. Mail me >XD.

May 09, 2002
I've quit my job, my girlfriend and I are now wonderfully defacto, my Grandmother had three heart attacks, so I wrote Horizon for her. To all those who listen, thank you.

December 28, 2001
There's a new song on the right, which I'd like to dedicate to Melissa Green.. I love you baby. It's called Soft Steps by the Bed, and I hope you like it.

December 20, 2001
I'm very happy to announce that Couchblip, in conjunction with the Humane Society International have released this very very fine compilation CD, Other Animals, with tracks from many popular artists and me. Purchase the album online here, as all profits go to the Humane Society International.

June 17, 2001
A new website design. I hope you like it. Many thanks to all those people who helped to make this design as tight as it is: Danny Glix, minusbaby, Mr eel, ptolemy, and to everyone who offered their opinion. Thanks!

April 27, 2001
A new track Goodbye, kindly released by online label Keep up the good work guys!

March 5, 2001
New track Maise, released on the new online label Nubiproof! Nice work guys!

January 25, 2001
Got a track Ascend on the Surgery Records compilation entitled Initial Release. There's a whole bunch of top electronica on this CD imho.

January 24, 2001
I got a song featured on Subsource. There is some really nice music on here.

January 7, 2001
MICRO_SUPERSTARZ 2000 CD released. Go here to learn more.

September 6, 2000
Joriz does a short video clip to my song Polygen, click here to play. Thanks mate! :)

August 28, 2000
Two of my songs released on the Yesmamma Warchild CD.

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Below are some of my completed albums.
The last ep is not yet available.

20:20 EP The Cosmic DJ EP Le Ventriloquist EP - SOON


Soft Steps by the Bed

Kraftwerk - Computer World Remix

Kraftwerk - Computer World Dance Remix


Art of Noise - Eye of a Needle Remix

I broke my crayon

What's Going ON?!


Kelly i miss you

Let's Move On

Sandpaper People


The Little Underwater Submarine

The Little Sub Dub


Live on Xenon




Pulsating Orgasmic Wonderbubble (*POW*)

Le Ventriloquist

Exercise Music

Don't be Afraid, Just Open Your Eyes, Jim

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