"Kibatsu seems to be an exploration into how to seriously offend people using music ... a kind of madness that is more than just a little unsettling ... [His] music could probably be rated 18+ .." (scroll down)

Broken Violin Bridge
August 10, 2000. I smashed up my parents' violin to do this :).

The Mad Pianist
I smashed up their piano too :).

Parental Advisory. Here's what it sounds like to have your soul torn out via your throat. Enjoy.

In the Magic Land of Cock&Prock, the Two Elf Raping Tape-Machines
"It's not the actual sounds that scare me... It's the fact that they're almost unprocessed!"

The Humans v0.09 BETA
Caution, may offend some listeners. Judging by the title, it would seem this is quite a deliberate poke at the current state of the Human Race. Kibatsu has cleverly used humor to disguise what is possibly a more sinister message.

Poly Coloured Penguins v0.50
An appealing melange of vocal samples - friendly, and warm. Apparently this song uses no synthesis at all.

Eenoo Eekie - Final Mix
We're not sure which is worse - the notion that this little sound byte is drug inspired or that there were no drugs involved at all.

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