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Issue #4

Lektrogirl Tells Me How It Is…
Software review - Muzys 2.25
Software review - Ableton Live 2
Music review - Melody AM by Royksopp

What Is Sonic Noodle Soup?
The Soup.

SNS is a monthly e-mail zine about electronic music, audio abstraction, composition, creativity, technology and bedroom studio madness. In it, you will read reviews, interviews, rants and theories. Sometimes it's highly conceptual and sometimes it's irreverant, but mostly it's like a nice tasting soup with small green bits floating in it and warm rolls of yummy bread on the side.

We Are.

We are the audio nerds behind weird noise. We are the squeak in tweak. We are the anarchists making music in our heads. We love music and the creative spirit.


Contributions are most welcome! If you have a nice review, a thought or two and some motivation to speak your mind, send us an email and let us know your proposal!

If you're a label and want some tunes reviewed, feel free to get in touch. We're always happy to hear about new music.


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Issue Archives.
Archive Stack. Issue #3

Words from Audiobot Central

Creative Demons : A discussion with Kaden
Don't let it control you : Mastering addiction
Cybotron : A discussion with Rik Davis
Review : Fruity Loops 3.55
Texture Mapping : Chatting with Richard Di Santo

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Archive Stack. Issue #2

Words from Audiobot Central

A visit to the Synth Museum
Pacific State of Mind : An interview with Martin Price
Software review - Wavelab 4
Metempsychosis : A statement of values
Noodling and Autechre - A rant by Wayne
Music review - Cydonia by The Orb

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Archive Stack. Issue #1


Autechre and Aphex - The noodle factor
Button madness!
Audiowarez - Supporting the nation?
Software - Orion Pro
Software - Mozilla
Music - The state of 808
Review - Geogaddi by Boards of Canada

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