Up the Creek with Mr eel

Steve 2050 Synthesizer! Steve 2050 Synthesizer! Master output going mad!20000 Steve!

A series of remixes by Steve

An organic mix of washed out sounds, echoes, esoteric samples and cosmic tinkling, this is my re interpretation of Mr Eel, resident Adelaide noise artist.

'Strap-on Futronic' is devolved beat and spatial messiness with detuned nods to the original. Download ogg Download mp3

'Rite of the Old Ones' is really a completely new track. Inspired by one sample from the original piece, this takes re interpretation to new places. Dark, forboding, tribal and lonely. Download ogg Download mp3

'Untitled07042003' Intangible slices of modern insanity and clinical crackliness. Download ogg Download mp3

'Grey and Green Amoeba' Floating spectral flotsam dances with organic clicks and cellular structures from a new world. To be played while experiencing other mindsets. Download ogg Download mp3

'Melting Plastic Worms' Crackly, noisy beginnings that soon turn into a twisted plasma miasma of sulphuric bubbles, churns and snarls. Aimless aural intensity. Download ogg Download mp3

All contents © 2003 Mr eel and Steve.