A long-ass time ago in a galaxy far far away, the metem krew and their many friends embarked on their second remix project. Called "Chaos Schematics" the idea was this: Everyone submitted an image/diagram that depicted a song. Nobody was supposed to know who created what image. Then each member made a song based on which ever image they chose. We all had a hella fun time. The results were as follows. Thanks to all the participants, lets do it again sometime.
  Below you see the diagrams we were able to chose from. Hold your cursor over them for a while and you should be able to see who drew which one. Click to see them bigger.

1 2 by Minusbaby Aamb by Ross DCP00393 by Mish Mash Mok by Mr eel KNJB61 by Orpheus Nexus Phase by Linc Splash! by Joriz X Chipmusic Synth Beta by Stote XYZ by The Professor The Island by Comma Man Jumping by C0ntaX Circles by Dr Awkward
  Aamb by Mr eel [mp3] [aamb diagram]
No comment.

Cyabb Belennon by Orpheus [mp3] [splash diagram]
I was doing a remix of the notes going into the water, from the point of view of a kind of omnipresent view, involving all of the surrounds.

Splash by Comma [mp3] [splash diagram]
I viewed the diagram of the notes falling into the water as a basic template for a song: start out dry and get wetter and wetter. I tried to realize that by starting out with thin synthetic sounds then adding water noises and a whole lotta delay.

Chinese Boxing by Contax [mp3] [dcp00393 diagram]
I picked the diagram with what I thought was a blurred knife blade in the center. This was the major premise of my track as I wanted to use the sharpness of the blade and the blurryness of all that surrounded it. Also, the blade made me think about dodgey old Kung Fu films (Ya know... Wu Tang Sword Style and all that stuff). So, I made the drumming as sharp as I could (and towards the end, dropped in a couple of sword sounds from the Playstation game DarkStalkers) and the blurryness was the main tune itself that just kinda sulks around in the background.

Warm and Dry Flow Moves In by Minusbaby [mp3] [xyz diagram]
I chose to use straight lines and tones that are easy to pick up on for this tune. Like XYZ, i wanted to make something straight-forward and lasting.
  The Island by Joriz [mp3] [island diagram]
For a visual explanation of the madness that is this song, click here.

Deesisapic by Ross [mp3] [aamb diagram]
Ross brings us an intricate piece of glitchy click-madness.

I Wish by Mish Mash [mp3] [aamb diagram]
What? Guitars and vocals? Open your mind, geek nation!

Nexus Phase by Dr Awkward [mp3] [nexus phase diagram]
I have to be honest, I was inspired as much by the words "nexus phase" as the image. In fact, I reckon that would be a good approach for a future competition. Never mind images (because I can't get on with them - looking at them or making them), lets use words next time! The whole "nexus phase" thing came across to me as some kind of altered reality, a different dimension almost, where things are quite different on a very fundamental level. And, mercifully, this is what I managed to put into my tune.

SR Phase 15 by The Professor [mp3] [aamb diagram]
"SR phase 15" is a piece I created live using two turntables, two effects boxes, and a music program I wrote in Max(a visual based programming language). You can see a picture of the program here. For "SR phase 15" I was using four modules(which is the window entitled "Outerbongolia!!" on the desktop picture) that I manipulated live. The "SR" in the pieces title stands for Steve Reich because I think a lot of the compositions with my music program end up sounding like a Steve Reich piece: repetitive, but gradually changing. I based my song on the diagram "Aamb." I thought this diagram with all it's blues, subtle hints of red, and horizontal lines looked kind of like a dream, so I built a piece with a warm, ambient, dream-like quality to it.

Man Jumping by Stote [mp3] [manjumping diagram]
No comment.
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