///////Mad Love////// 1/The Metem Krew Loves Luke/

Luke is the name of metem godfather, Mr. Eel. As evidence of our enduring affection, some of us recently made little aural gifts for him. That's the kind of thing we do in this funky collective. These were in response to a song he posted featuring nasty drums and synth-poppy melodies. Here are the fruits of our labor.

Kikdrumdahabit by Linc
Lukapuka by Martin Saunders
Matt Gives Birth to the Eel by Comma
Reelkeen by Mikrosopht
Ricochet by Orpheus
Unagi-san Wa Motto Ii Hito Datta, Ne by Minusbaby
Suka by Dr. Awkward
The Super Killer
by C0ntaX
2/He Loves us Back/

And he demonstrated this both visually and aurally, as he is known to do.

The Metem Krew Warming the Fluids of My Brain by Mr. Eel
Mr. Eel Loves the Metem Krew - Graphic by the Eel