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The Metem Manifesto was founded to promote quality music on the internet. One of the objectives of Metempsychosis is to provide 100% quality entertainment to you, the listener, and to provide free publicity and air-play for the unsigned and talented electronic musician. This, in our eyes, creates a feedback-loop, where we give you quality music for free, and you support us with your attention. It is this symbiotic relationship that forms the foundation of, and it is this relationship which is making us strong. is 100% free, and 100% ad free, and will remain that way.

We believe it is our responsibility to set an example, and maintain integrity in everything we do.

Metempsychosis (me temp' si ko' sis) n., The passing of the soul at death into another body; transmigration

A Short History

Metempsychosis was founded waaaaaaay back in the twentieth century, in the good year of 1999 (of "Party Like It's ..." fame). Two men are to blame for its arrival on this great terrestrial sphere. Namely, one Luke Sutton and one Samuel Gilbert, two intrepid Aussies also known by the names of Mr. Eel and orpheus, respectively (yeah, he likes the "o" lowercase). The idea was simple: create a place where independent musicians could store their tunes online, similar to but free of said service's gratuitous advertising and commercial coercions.

To this end, our heroes posted a request for musical submissions to various electronic music mailing lists and communities. The responses were few, but promising. Among them were one Daniel Burzynski (aka C0ntaX) and one Matt Wright (at this time referred to as Klunko, later to be pretentiously reincarnated as Comma). Sam and Luke were silly enough to actually put some faith in these buffoons, and so they were sworn in as the inaugural members of the notorious Metem Krew (mind the "k"). The lovable minusbaby (aka Richard Caraballo) followed soon after, and then there were five.

This feisty clique remained solid for quite some time, setting up the groundwork for what Metem was to be. As this process unfolded, something neato (for lack of a better term) began to happen. The project moved form the initial concept of file hosting, to an idea of a musical collective, sharing ideas and techniques. We (screw this third person shit) became a sort of Oprah's Book Club for each others music, except that we were all young males and rarely ate solid food (hint: beer/sake).

No really. Metempsychosis became a feedback loop from which we all gained new perspectives on the sounds we were creating, and grew as a result. Along the way we remixed each other, chatted with each other, jumped double-dutch which each other, and generally bonded like hell. This whole process became so exciting that for a second there it looked like we were going to implode into ourselves, forgetting the whole website concept altoghether. Luckily for you, this did not happen.

What emerged from this whole process was the real Metempsychosis: A group devoted to the betterment of its members as people and musicians, and to sharing the musical results. With this idea firmly in place, Metem began to grow, recruiting new members, and thereby receiving a much needed injection of new ideas, new sounds, new hairstyles. They came by the mid-sized boxfull with names that ring timeless upon the land (cue "Chariots of Fire"): Satori, Dr. Awkward, Martin Saunders, Ptolemy, Linc (now Switchback), Mikrosopht.

And Metem continues to evolve. There will be new members, some will leave, some already have (DJ C0ntaX, 4-ever Metem to da core). Regardless, the peculiar entity that is Metempsychosis remains organic and human, at times annoyingly so. Sometimes she (to get gendered about it) is lazy as hell. Other times she is just sorta lazy. And then there are times, when she wakes up hungover, drinks lots of coffee, and goes running through the streets turning cartwheels. Stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions    

Can I join Metempsychosis?
Maybe. Really we need to get to know you. you might be writing the best music in the world, but if you are a stranger, we are gonna find it difficult to make you a metem member. Join the mailing list, and be nice!

Can I have a demo or CD?
Generally, we don't give out demos or anything like that, but well... we're open to anything. If you are a magazine and you wanna write something nice about us, yeh sure! Or, if you are a poor student radio station or something, we'll try to sort you out. Just mail us and ask.

Could I have a guest release on Metem?
We've released music from guests previously and we are always open to more guest releases. If you think your stuff is up to scratch, get in contact...

Why Metempsychosis, what's the deal with the name?
Given the way that electronic music has transformed so quickly over the last few decades, it seemed important to choose a name that encapsulates the form and re-form of sounds and styles.

Are you a label?
No. We are not a label. Not even a free online label. We are a music collective. We write and release music on this site. Well... maybe a bit like a label, but without an editorial process. Artists are encouraged to write and release whatever they want.

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