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We Love Luke Luke is the name of metem godfather, Mr. Eel. As evidence of our enduring affection, some of us recently made little aural gifts for him. That's the kind of thing we do in this funky collective. These were in response to a song he posted featuring nasty drums and synth-poppy melodies. Here are the fruits of our labor. 1/11/00
Chaos Shematics A long-ass time ago in a galaxy far far away, the metem krew and their many friends embarked on their second remix project. Called "Chaos Schematics" the idea was this: Everyone submitted an image/diagram that depicted a song. Nobody was supposed to know who created what image. Then each member made a song based on which ever image they chose. We all had a hella fun time. The results were as follows. Thanks to all the participants, lets do it again sometime. 6/8/00

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