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Artist Title Comment Date
Raging Family Lions Shadow Here is a fresh guest release from a group called Raging Family. they specialize in funky downtempo hip hop electronics, and happen to live a couple blocks away from me right here in eugene, oregon. this track was written by cosmos and eden, and has vocals by erika guthrie. the track is called Lions Shadow, and it will make you get your freak on. 1/09/02
Makunouchi Bento and Tao Living in Movie Screens Metem is very proud to announce another very fine guest release Living in Movie Screens, by Makunouchi Bento and Tao. Check it out, this is a really beautiful track. Our friend has also asked us to provide links for you to check out here {X} and here {X}, where you can find some more of his gorgeous tunes. Contact Makunouchi Bento here {X}. 12/05/01
A.E.M 13 a.e.m. brings Metempsychosis a new guest release! This track is a really great one, it's 13. 10/18/01
Future Eater Happykiddymeatpaxª is proud to announce another fine guest release, this time from Future Eater, member of N.O.I.S.E. and held in very high esteem. Please enjoy: happykiddymeatpaxª. 9/20/01
[in]ance Davon Our second guestrelease this year comes from the German artist [in]anace. Its a noisy soundscape that'll make you feel like gliding on rails through a metallic tunnel. Is part of an EP that will be released on 9/05/01
Joriz Vtrip
Made by the insane man Joriz, who's been a friend of Metem for years. Acid furious mangled jungle beats track Vtrip. To contact Joriz click here >X'). 6/09/01

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