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Ogg Vorbis & Metempsychosis
Some of the releases on metempsychosis will now be encoded using the Ogg Vorbis format. Not all releases, but some, just to test the acceptance of the format and to see how we like it. Essentially we are putting the format through a trial period.

What Is Ogg Vorbis?
Ogg Vorbis is an lossy audio compression format. It is used to make large sound files smaller, so that they can then be more easily transported over the internet. In essence, Ogg Vorbis is similar to MP3, but with some differences.

MP3 vs. Ogg Vorbis
So what makes Ogg Vorbis so good? Why is it better then MP3? Well, even though Ogg Vorbis and MP3 use the same principles for compressing audio, the way they do it is different, with different results. We won't go into technical details, but suffice to say, that generally the sound quality to file size ratio is much better when compared to MP3.

If we use Ogg Vobis we can get a much better sounding song, with a smaller file size. A bonus for you guys. Better sound quality is always... better.

Also, Ogg is completely free. It has been developed and released under an open source licence. This means that anyone can use it for any reason, with few restrictions. MP3 on the other hand is not free.

Lossy Compression
This is the means by which large sound files are compressed, or reduced to a smaller size. Basically, it works by looking at what sounds the human ear can't hear (Fig 1.), and removing them from the recording (Fig 2.). Now, since there is a lot of this un-hearable sound in many recordings, lossy compression can reduce the file-sizes quite considerably.

Think of it this way; when you go on holiday, you may wish to make your luggage smaller and lighter. You could do this by removing the clothes that you know you wouldn't wear. Lossy compression works like this, except it removes sounds you wouldn't hear from a recording.

More Information on Ogg Vorbis

Official Ogg Vorbis Page

Player & Encoders

Winamp for Windows (includes Ogg Playback)

dBpoweramp (encoder for Windows)

Mint Audio (playback for Macintosh)

Ogg Drop (encoder for Macintosh)

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