This is an excellent weblog devoted to type and typography. A good source for links and news.

A type foundry based in the Netherlands. Thier examples of type and articles on thier construction are particularly interesting. Also, check out he Sauna type and book.

Process Type Foundry
Excellent type. I really wanted to point to this site because it uses one of my pixel fonts. Nice one!


Weblog thingie devoted to design and the graphic arts. No real substance, but always good links.

The Designers Republic
I wouldn't be typing this if not for these guys. The best design company ever.

Eikes Grafischer Hort
The quality and volume of work here is amazing. I'm amazed and intensely jealous.

Smooth and classic looking work. Signature work, yet obviously not done by rote. I want to work for these guys.


Warp Records
One of my all time favourite record labels. The home to Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and other.

Ninja Tune
One of the true

Small label run by Mike Paradinas. A really diverse output and frantic release schedule.

Big Dada
My favourite Hip Hop record label. These cats are really pushing the boundaries of the label, without having to resort to aimless “experimentalism”.

Force Tracks
This is the place for quality house. I'm such a huge fan of this label I buy pretty much everything they put out.

Small zine, mainly devoted to reviews, all of which are excellent.


Boing Boing
My favourite weblog devoted to all sorts of interesting and strange things. A daily visit.