Front of the Mr eel collector card!
Back of the Mr eel collector card!

What’s With the Name?

Ok yeah, it's a weird name. It's one of those things. A kinda joke that sticks. I am Mr eel. It amuses me that I (and others) can take such a silly name seriously, so I keep using it.

I'm a young lad with an interest in all sorts of things. I find my computer to be a fantastic creative tool. I use it for both graphics work, but also for producing music.

Where in the World?

I live in Adelaide in South Australia. So yeah, I'm one of those bloody Aussies. Adelaide is a lovely city. I think it's a brilliant place to live in. A bit quiet at times, but I really enjoy it. And the music scene here is really interesting! It's surprising considering the scale of the place. Maybe it's 'cause we're all smart around here :)

For a bit more information about Adelaide and South Australia in general, I recommend you check out SA Central. It's got loads of good info.

Music Production

Music is my greatest passion. I love both producing music, and collecting records. My record collection is getting pretty large by now, but not large enough! There is just so much fantastic stuff out there. At the moment I am particularly enamored with Ween, Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle, Autechre, Squarepusher… just so much.

I've been producing my own electronic music for about 3 years now. It's something that I find at times difficult, but intensely rewarding. I really got my start in music thanks to my good friend orpheus. His advice and encouragement was so valuable to me. My music is released as part of the Metempsychosis collective. This is a collective of musicians spread all over the world, devoted to the release of great music for free, over the net. Ma so proud of the Metem Krew!