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Dr. Awkward

Having made music under the names Comma and Klunko, Matt now busies himself playing synth in a nameless band and DJing around town under the horrible name CUM LAZER. He lives in Portland, OR. Also, he wrote most of what you read on this site (track descriptions, history, etc). Check the blog above for latest ramblings.


Based somewhere in sunny Bristol, UK, the good Doctor (aka Simon Speight) has been known to drop it heavy, with his tidy mix of fat (or phat if you must) breaks and anthemic melodies. This is music to cruise to, giving hard looks to innocent pedestrians. Don't forget to crank that sub.
Martin Saunders
music by mikrosopht

Martin is the professional amongst us. Always well groomed and well spoken, Martin was spotted lounging in with a pink martini and tidy young lady at the last Metem cocktail soirée. His music follows suit: immaculately produced and composed, our man specializes in a tasteful blend of crystal clear synths, warm guitars, and tight percussion. Cheers, Martin, you wear it well.


What out! Mikro is a kid named Ben who resides in Lincoln, Rhode Island. When not busy with studies social and academic, he creates conceptual avant-garde experimental electronic music. With that many adjectives involved, you can be assured that the Mikro sound is something altogether special and unique. Stand back and let the robot dance.
Mr eel

One Richard Caraballo from East Harlem, minusbaby creates intricate sound collages capturing the beauty of everyday life. Time passes, children laugh, leaves fall, beats rain down on the streets of the city. Rich takes it all in, conceptualises, and packs it into something you can download from this very website. In his spare time, he can be found actively gigging with like-minded conspirators, and creating wonderful pixel art as CEO of Pixelpod International. Pixel art? Oh, yeah. Rich likes videogames.


Based in Adelaide, Australia, the Eel is a multimedia powerhouse of a man. When not making weird noises, he can be found doing cutting edge design work for friends the world over. Always riding the cusp of an ever-accelerating culture, Mr. Eel is the prototypical 21st century renaissance man.
The sole member of Metem League Canada, Jake is one of the newest kids on our block. He's even been spotted "hanging tough", sporting a rat-tail and gratuitous neon. These passions find their way into the shiny synthetic music he continues to beautify the world with, resulting in a divine blend of ambient and IDM styles. Early nineties haircuts never sounded so good.
Satori hails from Metem's best represented country, namely England. Constantly DJing and rubbing shoulders with the electronic music glitterati, he somehow finds time to drop the occasional musical gem. When he does, they have been known to shine (excuse the weak metaphor) with a sparkle... eh, let's not. Simply stated, Satori's music is immaculately produced and deeply emotional, spanning a musical space that includes drum 'n' bass, electro, and IDM styles. There we go, easy. The subject in question is one Dan, an Englishman residing in Gloucester, which is in England, an English town, really. Despite being English, Dan seems to think that he is funky. He has even gone so far as to release slamming breakbeat techno gems that have been known to incite people to dance. In funky ways, no less. Even English people. Cheeky monkey.

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